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Thermocouple Tubes for protection of sensor. Made of High Purity 99.5% Alumina the tubes can withstand continuous temperatures of 18000Centigrade.

Tubes both ends open are used for supporting heating elements among other applications
Temp of use - Upto 18000Centigrade
Sleeves Single or Multiple bore are used for insulating the thermocouple elements.

Diameter - 1mm to 250mm,  Length - upto 2000mm
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 Dense Sintered Alumina Products have excellent Thermal shock Resistant, Wear Resistant & Corrosion Resistant properties. Products such as Ferrules (boiler Linings), Sleeves for acid pumps, Shafts, Wire Guides are common applications for 99.5% Alumina Products.... more »»   Crucibles, Boats, Combustion Tubes are regularly used in Laboratories for Chemical Analysis.

Industrial Ceramics provides unique solutions in areas of extreme thermal shock applications such as tubes for billet Heating Induction Furnaces. ...more »»
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